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Bicycle frame materials and the advantages and disadvantages

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Apr 06, 2016

Now bicycle frame is the main material: Titanium, carbon fiber, chrome molybdenum steel, aluminum alloys and other

Titanium is a high performance materials used in aerospace products, with excellent metal properties, is now internationally recognized as the manufacturer of competition and leisure with a high-end bicycle the most advanced, the most ideal material.

Advantages of titanium alloy frames are light weight and strength of the frame can be made of pure titanium is stronger; do not rust: Titanium hardly eroded in the General environment. But there is another phenomenon that is dissimilar metal corrosion riding sensation, Titanium is used in shock absorber spring. Now made of titanium frame suitable for long rides. Some drivers love titanium frame, think riding is extremely good. The disadvantages of titanium alloy frame: high prices due to fabrication and welding technology of complicated, the prices of titanium alloy frame costs are very high.

Carbon fiber called "fine polypropylene-based carbon fiber" carbon fiber frames are not found with other material advantages: you create light weight frame, shock absorbent, can produce various shapes of the frame. Disadvantages of carbon fiber frames: stress calculation of complex, difficult to change size, because good mold after forming, it is difficult to change the dimensions. Unable to appropriate multi size order style, aging.

Chromium-molybdenum steel is an alloy of chromium and molybdenum. Its performance is as follows: quenching and good resistance to temper, temper brittleness less beautiful, good high-temperature processing, processing, splicing, good.

The advantages of CR-MO steel frame: good processability, impact absorbing performance, ride a very good, easy weld, cheap.

Frame of chrome-molybdenum steel disadvantages: easy to rust, the frame of chrome-molybdenum steel containing chromium, but adding a little (stainless steel contains chromium 12%) iron-based alloy metal fatigue is significant (stress concentration due to metal fatigue).