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Frame materials and characteristics

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Apr 06, 2016

CR-MO steel frame: 90 years ago, bicycle frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel for the mainstream. Distortion and tensile properties, welding of high temperature does not affect the material, the price is cheap. But weight, easily oxidized. Has emerged in recent years to overcome its owed points, play the advantages of the new material, attention again for CR-MO steel frame.

Carbon fiber frames: light, can absorb the ground's impact, material backwash and fast, is ideal for bicycle frame material. Carbon fiber grade, tonnage high elasticity is also higher and higher, the price is expensive. Manufacturing methods there are several, such as coated with adhesive in the mold, overlapping carbon fiber, heat treatment, solidification, and so on.

Titanium frame: Titanium 55% lighter than steel, is not easily oxidized. In order to improve the tensile strength, have mixed aluminium, vanadium and titanium alloys. Welding should be carried out in a vacuum, such as processing complex, expensive frame.

Aluminium frame: aluminium alloy frame is light and stiff. Specially processed 1 frame weighs just 1 kg. Aluminium pipe of large diameter, in order to ease rigid too strong, current seat tube and fork absorbs the impact of strong carbon fiber and other famous.