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Types of mountain bike frame

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Apr 06, 2016

1. Off-road XC , which is the origin of all mountain biking. Games players race each other on the track in the set up, for the speed with which the Crown. To climbing, mainly around the track of the game, mainly test the speed and strength of the player itself.

2. Downhill DH , steep slope of 60 degrees or more, with more than 70 km per hour speed down the Hill, which make large movements of the secretion of adrenal hormones is the new favorite biking – downhill. This sport extremely exciting, demands on players and vehicles are very high.

3. Round the buoy DS (DUALSLOLAM), is not known, yet to be explored.

4. Free ride FR , free ride, there are two different points of view. A considered to be a number between cross country and downhill riding, that is, after the shock of the buggy or car lighter downhill; another view is those crazy than the downhill (for the time being can only think of the word, not disparagingly) called free ride. In contrast, the author tends to 1th (Oh, probably because of the limited capacity of my heart).

5. Climb, play called "no car seat", indeed, the seat on the crawler is not very helpful. In order to keep the adjustment Center, climb by bike riders are standing. They used his own car to conquer the steps, the table, the rock barrier, and make various movements, is attracting people's attention. It was divided into BMX, extreme sports such as inline skating, rock climbing, and I tend to take it for biking, because it "impossible to place" the essence of the spirit of biking. Climbing can be roughly divided into big climbs and small climb in two ways.