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Floor Parking Bike Stand Very Convenient

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Floor Parking Bike Stand The most difficult point of urban management is to achieve long-term management. Shenzhen Xiang Huatong production of bicycle parking, bicycle racks, bicycle parking, Floor Parking Bike Stand bicycle anti-theft frame, the public feel very convenient, no longer have to stop for parking and headache. Shenzhen Xiang Hua Tong's bicycle parking frame is divided into: Stainless steel bicycle parking frame, Floor Parking Bike Stand cage-type bicycle parking frame, iron pipe bicycle parking frame, modular bicycle parking frame, anti-theft bicycle parking frame, card-type bicycle parking frame, galvanized tube bicycle parking frame, Floor Parking Bike Stand yellow-black bicycle parking frame, white bicycle parking rack and so on.

Bicycle Parking Frame Function Summary:

1. Bicycle parking is mainly used for parking vehicles, so that the vehicles neatly placed, improve the appearance of beautiful, easy to manage.

2. Hua Tong Licensing bicycle parking is novel and lightweight, small footprint, but also increased security.

3. Unique design of bicycle parking frame, Floor Parking Bike Stand stylish and beautiful frame body, suitable for various occasions installation and use.

4. Bicycle parking frame design, motorcycles, groups of motor vehicles, bicycles can be parked.

5.2 meters long bicycle racks can put up to 6 bicycles, so that the function of the parking lot more vividly.

6. Is the use of 304 stainless steel material produced, Floor Parking Bike Stand the appearance of polished smooth after spraying, will not scratch the tires 7. Stainless steel made to make the bicycle body surface smooth, never fade, never rust.

Shenzhen Xiang Huatong traffic facilities Co., Ltd. The latest study of a bike parking, known as Huatong bicycle parking frame, the appearance of novel, generous appearance. is a number of municipal, property, campus, units, shopping malls and other places to install the preferred style of parking. Floor Parking Bike Stand  Recently, in Shenzhen in the latest development of the park installed a group of (Huatong card) bicycle parking to facilitate the public parking bicycles, and improve the space utilization.

What is the shelf name of the bike? The shelves of bicycles are called bicycle parking bays, bicycle parking bays can provide an orderly, safe parking environment for bicycles, electric cars, Floor Parking Bike Stand etc. Car owners as long as the wheel locked in the parking, can not only let their car standard parking and can play a good anti-theft effect.

The public said, "the bicycle not only must have the road to walk, Floor Parking Bike Stand but also has the place to put, must manage well, lets the green travel conveniently, rest assured." "Many cities now have non-motorized vehicles and non-motorized parking spaces, so how to get these bikes and electric cars parked orderly and safe?"