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Bike Lifts Development Of

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

With the development of industrialization, Bike Lifts lift platform has been widely used in every corner of life. In the morning, Bike Lifts the building near the district was under construction. A curved arm lift was busy and entered the company building. The lift ladders were lifted by the elevator. Bike Lifts The building under the building was standing on a self-propelled hydraulic lift. The

Suddenly can not lift. Please check whether the hydraulic oil pipeline is normal, and whether there is a foreign body stuck in the running track, Bike Lifts hydraulic power unit is normal, inside the closed mailbox is leaky position.

 2. Suddenly the electronic control platform is not controlled. Bike Lifts Please check whether the power supply is stable, the circuit is broken. If you check everything is normal, Bike Lifts you should consider whether the built-in electrical accessories are damaged, Bike Lifts because the company used most of the electrical accessories for the Thai electrical appliances, it is recommended familiar with Chint Electric engineers or maintenance personnel to repair or replacement, it is recommended to shut down the case of maintenance.

 3. Lifting equipment work significantly shaking, Bike Lifts please check whether the foot movement instability, and whether the lack of oil caused by the arm

 4. Multi-cylinder scissors table suddenly tilted, Bike Lifts please check the cylinder is normal, as well as the occurrence of external bending bending stent, Bike Lifts and need to carefully check whether the tubing foreign body blockage, resulting in non-synchronized phenomenon.

Self-propelled lift tires are a kind of wear and tear, long-term use will be worn, and self-propelled tire tires are also divided into a variety of such as: nylon wheel, PU wheel,Bike Lifts  polyurethane bag nylon, rubber wheel, Most self-propelled lifts are equipped with nylon wheels because the market is cheap and inexpensive, but the wear is poor and the noise is large. Self-propelled lift tire wear a certain degree of timely replacement, expensive, cheap, customer choice.

Cylinders play a vital role in the whole lifter lift process, Bike Lifts and through it to achieve the rise and fall of the goods. So if the fork can not fall, or can not rise, the reasons:

1) may be due to the goods in the load, Bike Lifts overload or partial load, making the piston rod and cylinder damage;

2) the piston rod for a long time exposed and rust, hinder the smooth movement of the piston;

3) adjust the nut and hex nut is not in the correct position; then according to the judge, replace the piston rod or cylinder, do not use the self-propelled car when the car down the minimum adjustment,Bike Lifts re-adjust the nut.

Pump station is a key part of the lift, once the pump station problems, that is to say self-propelled lifts to stop working, in time other parts no matter how good, Bike Lifts no damage, can not work. The pump station is a very large number of components together, one of the most prone to problems with a dust ring, O-ring, steel and other accessories, Wen Sha lift to remind you once found these accessories problems or in the use of the process In the wear, Bike Lifts damage, the easiest and fastest solution is to replace, replace these accessories.

The pole is the key part between the pump station and the rod, Bike Lifts the lifting support of the hydraulic cylinder, the cargo carrying load of the cargo is supported by the support rod and reaches a balance. Bike Lifts As the cargo is transported, the overload, Such as the phenomenon will often lead to deformation or fracture of the strut. Must happen this kind of self-propelled lifts can not work properly, Bike Lifts so contact the manufacturer or in the market to buy replacement pole.