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Bike Lifts Features

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Recently, Bike Lifts a customer asked the self-propelled elevator, he used in the factory's elevated warehouse, the customer had consulted the need for a self-supporting legs, Bike Lifts indicating the use of technical personnel to the customer introduced a self-propelled lift. Self-propelled lifts have walking and steering drive function, no legs, no manual traction, no external power supply flexible and convenient, Bike Lifts can be in different states, adjust fast, Bike Lifts slow speed, just single operation to complete the upper and lower , Forward, back, Bike Lifts turn and all other actions. Particularly suitable for the airport lounge, Bike Lifts stations, warehouses, shopping malls and other indoor use.

There are many types of lifts, such as aluminum self-elevators, car-mounted lifts, battery (diesel) power lifts, etc., to the most flexible and flexible self-propelled, can work in a smaller space, Bike Lifts flexible operation. It has the following characteristics:

1) operating height of 6 - 12 meters, load 200 - 500 kg;

2) without legs, folding fence, reducing the size of the machine;

3) small round, can be turned in a small space;

4) 25% of the climbing ability to be able to smooth the slope;

5) full self, emergency drop system, emergency stop button;

6) work a long time, should improve the comfort of hydraulic operation, Bike Lifts reduce the labor intensity of the operator;

7) scissor-type main structure and telescopic workstations, and safety fence;

8) automatic walking DC electric drive wheel;

Its biggest feature is the self-control, an operation can complete all the instructions. And can be lifted when rising. The use of personnel can not have to lift the platform can control the mechanical movements, walking, can control the equipment on the table to other work locations The machine is stable and reliable, Bike Lifts high automation, especially for high-end places to use. Bike Lifts Compared with the traditional self-elevators you can benefit from two points: to reduce labor intensity, reduce the implementation of automation personnel; Bike Lifts improve product quality, improve labor productivity efficiency 3 times.

Scissor self-propelled aerial work platform by the lifting mechanism and self-loading chassis. In the process of engineering operation, the staff on the platform can operate and operate continuously on the lifting mechanism and carrying the chassis, thus avoiding the time wasted by the frequent work of the staff due to the workplace. Bike Lifts In order to ensure the safety of personnel in the platform during high altitude operation, Bike Lifts it is required that the operating platform can not travel on the road with large slope or bumpy when the design platform of the self-propelled aerial work platform protection board lifting mechanism is raised. Bike Lifts Scissor self-propelled aerial work platform in the scissors arm lift state, open the chassis on both sides of the protective plate mechanism to reduce the platform chassis height, Bike Lifts making the platform movement is limited to play a protective role. Bike Lifts To this end, the need to design a scaffolding arm with the high-altitude operation of the protective plate lifting mechanism, making the scissors arm collapsed state, the protective plate with the put away, Bike Lifts the moving body can be normal; and scissors arm up state , The protective plate also opens, Bike Lifts limiting the working platform in the slope of the larger or bumpy road travel.