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Bike Lifts Protective Device

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Lift is a walking mechanism, hydraulic mechanism, electric control mechanism, supporting the structure of a lifting equipment. Hydraulic oil from the vane pump to form a certain pressure, Bike Lifts the oil filter, explosion-proof electromagnetic valve, throttle, hydraulic check valve, balance valve into the bottom of the cylinder, the cylinder piston up movement, Material, the upper end of the liquid tank by the explosion-proof electromagnetic valve back to the tank, the rated pressure through the relief valve to adjust, through the pressure gauge to observe the pressure gauge reading value.

1, scientific simplification of hydraulic systems, Bike Lifts unscrewing engine chassis, greatly reducing the risk of oil spills and maintenance costs.

2, automatic leveling hydraulic legs, electric drive travel action, hydraulic drive movements

3, the hydraulic system is equipped with anti-main arm cylinder tubing burst explosion-proof valve; US DeltaTech control system, fault self-diagnosis technology, optional collision-sensing device

4, hydraulic legs equipped with anti-leg cylinder retraction of the hydraulic locking device;

5, the hydraulic system is equipped with platform overload automatic protection device, the upper and lower workstations are equipped with emergency stop button, so as to ensure the safety of workers;

6, the import of key hydraulic parts, high reliability, Bike Lifts long life, metal structure using electrophoresis, anti-rust anti-corrosion ability, the main electrical components waterproof rating IP65

7, platform hydraulic system seals are domestic and foreign well - known brand seal;

8, hydraulic differential lock and 40 cm ground clearance, Bike Lifts to improve the ability of the rugged terrain;

9, hydraulic lifting platform with a power failure in the case of emergency drop device.

10, the hydraulic system load sensitive, the pressure automatically adjusted with the load, less heat, reduce energy consumption;

For the building layer between the high-volume transport of goods dedicated hydraulic lifts, the main products used in a variety of work between the goods up and down; three-dimensional garage and underground garage high car lift. Product hydraulic system set anti-fall, overload safety protection device, Bike Lifts the floor and lift table can be set to operate the button to achieve multi-point control.

Product structure is strong, carrying capacity, Bike Lifts smooth movements, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, is economical and practical low-rise between the elevator ideal transport equipment. Bike Lifts According to the installation of the lifting platform and the use of requirements, choose a different optional configuration, can achieve better results.