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Bike Racks Functional Summary

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

The bicycle frame can be divided into a bicycle frame and a bicycle bike frame according to the use classification.


According to the location of the car fixed bike or fixed way, the bike frame is currently divided into three categories: top-mounted, back-up, trailer ball, the most popular in Europe and America is the most popular trailer ball.

The first category is the top of the bike frame: also known as the roof bike frame, the advantage is that you can carry a bike at the same time fast driving, professional, safe and stable, by the bike club and professional athletes love. The disadvantage is that in the car's roof fixed bike, the height increased significantly, through the sex will be affected; the world's most secure and safe overhead racks are used double arm design, such as the German riding bike frame and China Of the armored frame.

The second type is the back of the bike frame: metal hook and rear tailgate of the sheet metal gap is connected, generally does not affect the rear door open, the advantage is relative to the top of the bike frame, take the bike more convenient, the disadvantage is Fixed role of the metal hook will be more or less on the body sheet metal to bring some impact, sometimes the bike is hanging hanging may block the license plate, this type of product more, no one brand has the most obvious advantages.

The third type of trailer ball bike frame: also called the ball after the towel bike frame, a lot of vehicles can be installed in the tail 50mm diameter trailer ball, which is the European general trailer ball standard, the role of trailer ball can not only drag the car, Motor boats or other equipment, can also carry a bicycle frame, generally often installed in the high-end SUV, MPV or high-end commercial vehicles, by business people and women's customers welcome the market's most professional trailer ball bike frame also From Germany, respectively, Germany's Weisi Fali, Strada speed up and Atlas love riding, now have entered the domestic market. Trailer ball bike frame Disadvantages: expensive; Advantages: A compatible with the advantages of the first two ways, there is no wind resistance to wind noise, will not increase fuel consumption, will not affect the adoption of sex, it is important, with the highest level of stability Safe and easy to pick and place and operate; B has the convenience of pick and place bike, even if the ladies or children can easily take the bike; C is not limited by the impact of high, improve the vehicle's ability to pass; D roof space Released, you can carry roof equipment and other equipment in the roof.

Functional summary

1. Bicycle frame is mainly used for parked vehicles, so that vehicles placed neatly, improve the city appearance, easy to manage.

2. Shennan bike frame appearance of new and lightweight, small footprint, but also increased the security.

3. Unique design, frame fashion beautiful, suitable for various occasions to install the use.

4. Cage type bike frame, both sides of the frame can park the bike.

5. 2 meters long bike frame can put up to 8 bicycles, so that the function of the parking frame itself more incisive.

6. It is made of iron pipe spray paint, the appearance of polished smooth paint, will not scratch the tires.

7. Paint made of bike frame body surface is smooth, do not fade and extend the service life.