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Bike Racks Material Composition

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Oct 20, 2017

The vertical design of the structure, so that bicycles do not have to hang on the wall as in the past, the unit of the drawer, so that all the tools and equipment related to the bike with a new place to shelter. Bike Racks Stainless steel clips and hooks can be used to keep the body up and down without damaging the frame or rim. The frame is made of multi-layer birch wood and has a variety of panels such as oak, beech and dark wood.

Magnesium alloy as the current density of the smallest metal structure materials, widely used in aerospace industry, automobile industry, communications electronics industry and other fields. Magnesium alloy outstanding performance by the bicycle manufacturers and customers of all ages, Bike Racks gradually by the major companies used in bicycle parts and components production. In recent years, Bike Racks many domestic and foreign companies have started the development of magnesium alloy bicycle frame, many well-known manufacturers have successfully produced a superior performance of magnesium alloy frame bike and put into use, and achieved good results.

Used in the material of the bicycle frame, the strength and rigidity of the steel are the best. At the same time, the tensile strength and elastic modulus of magnesium alloy are also significantly lower than those of aluminum alloy and steel. However, the specific stiffness of magnesium alloy and steel, aluminum alloy is almost the same, the strength is better than aluminum, almost 2 times the steel. Therefore, Bike Racks the magnesium alloy in the design of the bicycle frame, through the cross-section changes and surface treatment and other means, can reduce the low performance of magnesium alloy adverse factors to improve the performance of magnesium alloy.

Many magnesium alloys have excellent damping properties that absorb shock and vibration. Magnesium alloy unit vibration performance than the hard aluminum 100 times higher than the alloy steel 20 times higher than the titanium alloy 300 to 500 times higher. This feature makes the magnesium alloy frame for the bike has a better riding comfort.

The advantages of magnesium alloy and fatigue without memory performance. Bike Racks Low density, largely reduced the quality of the body. Contact, good biocompatibility. Magnesium alloy in the field of biological applications increasingly extensive and comfortable contact, making it very suitable for close contact with the human body parts; easy to recover, environmental load is small, known as the "green material."

Magnesium alloy is the iron and steel after the development of the third category of metal structure materials, is the 21st century green engineering materials. Magnesium is very rich in nature, Bike Racks ranking eighth. China is the world's most abundant magnesium reserves of the country, is also the largest producer of magnesium, one of the countries, accounting for more than 40% of the world. At the same time, China's mainland is the world's largest bicycle origin and bicycle consumption, so the development of magnesium alloy frame in China has a unique advantage. However, there are many problems in the development of magnesium industry in China: the original magnesium production technology is relatively backward, most of the exports are primary materials; high-performance, Bike Racks high-quality magnesium alloy product development level is far behind many countries abroad, it is difficult to meet the growing demand.