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Car Bike Rack Can Be Divided Into Several?

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Apr 06, 2016

According to a stationary bicycle or fixation of different bike rack is currently divided into three categories: the top-mounted, spare, trailer type

First is the top bike rack: also called a car roof bike rack, benefit is that you can pick up a bike at the same time fast, professional, safe, stable, by bicycle clubs love and professionally. Drawback is that in a car after the roof of a stationary bicycle, height increase, would be affected by; most firmly and safely in the world's top-mounted bike rack using the dual arm design, such as Germany's ride armor-dimensional bike rack bike rack and China.

Second class is back type bike frame: by metal linked and back door of sheet metal gold gap connected, General not effect back door of opened, advantages is relative Yu top reset bike frame, take put bike more convenient, shortcomings is up fixed role of metal linked will on body sheet metal gold more or less brings must effect, sometimes bike is loft hanging with may will block car plate, this class products type more, no a brand has most obviously of advantage.

Third class trailer ball type bike frame: also called ball type Hou drag hook bike frame, many vehicles can in tail added loaded 50mm diameter of trailer ball, this is European General of trailer ball standard, trailer ball of role not only can drag room car, and motorboat or other equipment, also can hosted bike frame, General often was installation in high-end SUV, and MPV or high-end business car Shang, deeply business people and women customer of welcomes