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Wall Mounted Bike Rack Very Good Effect

Runva Enterprises Limited | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Steel is the longest used in the bike frame material, the main advantages include long ride ride rigidity, pipe elasticity (shock), pipe joints and more processing and easy to weld and do not need heat treatment, so the cost and The price is relatively low. The disadvantage is the weight is too heavy, Wall Mounted Bike Rack improper maintenance easy to rust, pipe shape is not easy and metal fatigue problems. However, many of today's alloy steel has been in the rigid, elastic coefficient, transmission, stability, get a good effect, the only fly in the oder is still heavier weight. Steel molybdenum steel in the most common, high strength and easy to pump processing. Molybdenum can improve the strength of steel to prevent brittle; chromium can make steel corrosion, Wall Mounted Bike Rack rust and prevent high temperature oxidation. Many handmade steel tube carcassers most recommend is its excellent sense of road and suitable for long-distance riding the comfort of the advantages, as the steel gourd said: "steel forever, a perpetuating!" Suitable for use in BMX Car, long distance wagon and truck.

Aluminum alloy is currently the most common use of the material on the market, the advantage is light weight, short time hardness and rigidity of the best performance, Wall Mounted Bike Rack easy to shape, not rust, light to the tube can be very thin, The use of CNC die cutting to make exaggerated appearance and amazing strength. Disadvantages are almost no flexibility at all, will accumulate metal fatigue, but also because of its Ning Min light, high rigidity characteristics, it is easy to convey the ground vibration, Wall Mounted Bike Rack resulting in poor riding comfort. Aluminum alloy frame in early 1990 began to popular, since 1995 began to universal, the general use of 6061 and 7005 aluminum alloy frame material. The aluminum alloy is suitable for use on racing, Enduro and Downhill models. The huge technical center pointed out that compared with the AL7005 will have stress corrosion and welding hot cracking problem, Wall Mounted Bike Rack AL6061 in the use and process are more stable, but the heat treatment is more complex.

Because of the material properties of steel, steel has greater strength and resistance to fatigue than aluminum. Frame in the accidental damage after deformation, or even close to the level of zero fatigue recovery!

Aluminum frame after each use and time changes,Wall Mounted Bike Rack because of the aging effect of performance changes. That is why sometimes we will feel that our aluminum car ride more riding the more difficult to ride the reasons.

Because we can not produce bicycles for domestic molybdenum-chromium steel pipe, so we use the domestic steel frame are mostly made of carbon structural steel (11A). Wall Mounted Bike Rack It is characterized by high strength, good shape, toughness is insufficient.

1. It is easier to achieve the requirements of aluminum production.

2. Ordinary bicycle production products need good processing characteristics to increase production, reduce costs, learn more profits, and require a certain product advantages. Wall Mounted Bike Rack And aluminum this can amplify the role of weight loss of the material, will naturally be favored.

3. Carbon fiber material is better than steel, but it is very limited. Such as climbing, DH and other high-intensity, high-impact cycling, carbon fiber can not meet the requirements. Wall Mounted Bike Rack And carbon fiber oxidation failure, performance can not be long and stable.

4. Titanium material is the most gimmicky, because it is expensive, so it makes bicycles this pure personal idea of the product is more like a luxury. In fact, Wall Mounted Bike Rack its performance is not as good as some high-end scandium aluminum alloy frame.

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